There are proposed new rules regarding administration plans. These plans will make it easier for small businesses and individuals to buy a type of health plan that can bypass many of the constraints currently on the market. The proposal, issued by the Labor Department, would direct the government to foster alternative association health plans that would be less expensive and enhance consumer choice.

The Labor Department predicted that up to 11 million uninsured Americans who work for small businesses or are self-employed could benefit from the expansion of association health plans. Such plans have existed for several decades under limited circumstances in which small businesses band together to buy insurance. Just 6 percent of relatively small U.S. companies used this approach last year, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

New rules would expand the availability of association health plans in a variety of ways. For the first time, it would allow individuals to buy them. It also would broaden the circumstances under which association health plans could be created, eliminating a long-standing requirement that any association must already have existed for a purpose unrelated to health insurance.

The proposal would preserve the ACA’s rule that bars insurers from charging certain customers more based on their health status or from refusing to cover those with conditions that are expensive to treat.  The draft rules make clear that association health plans may be sold across state lines.

This comes as existing health law’s enforcement of the law’s individual insurance
mandate may end next year.

Kaiser Permanente medical plans Rates and Summary.
1. No open enrollment season required.
2. Year around open enrollment for new association members
3. No waiting period for per-existing conditions.
4. Grandfathered BENEFTS & RATES
5. Age band rating.
6. Grandfathered plans allow rates to be base on the younger of the two spouses.
7. Eligible for Individual or Groups
8. Choice of 13 plans designs.
Individuals rates received the same benefits and groups rates and through all of our
association plans.
Seamless conversion from your Kaiser ACA Individual plan to any of our Kaiser 13
Grandfathered association plans.
Seamless conversion of your existing ACA group Kaiser plan to any of our Kaiser 13
Grandfathered association plans.
Simplified billing
List billing for small groups under 19 employees.

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